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My new work bag!

Six years ago I got the first job I was truly proud of and so I treated myself to a nice daily work bag. I carry it every day because I’m too lazy to swap all the crap I keep in it out on a daily basis.

I wanted something that was affordable, practical, big enough to hold a laptop, small enough to walk several blocks with, and in a color that would go with most anything. It had to be subtle and classy. I fell in love with a baby blue patent leather Coach tote and I’ve carried it every day to work since. It’s been a faithful, durable¬†companion and seen me through two more jobs.

That’s a pretty long shelf-life for a daily bag, and it was time for me to buy a new one. I’m sad to see my old bag be retired, but the edge reinforcements have started to poke through and the handles are scuffed. I’ve been searching and again turned to Coach. I found a great deal on this Laura tote, again in a versatile and chic lavender color. It’s not patent, that’s my only gripe.

I am excited to see what adventures my new bag and I will encounter together though! Welcome my new leather friend!


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