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Nine West Shoe Review

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more thrilling than being contacted by a brand that wants to send you something for free. That’s how I started my week last week; like a giddy school girl who is passed a “Do you like me, Yes or No” note from her crush, I was so ready to go to the dance when I read an email from a representative of Nine West asking me to review a shoe from their trendy new loafer or oxford lines.

Despite being 5 months pregnant, I immediately went gaga over one of their high-heeled pieces in soft olive green leather, the Bevel. I love shoes in alternative colors. Makes life much more fun!

So let me tell you what I love about these shoes, besides the color. Again, in reference to the preggo thing, I need shoes with stability. These certainly qualify with their thicker heel and rubber soles. I loved the soft leather as well, although I may have to buy some protectant so they don’t scuff. They were easy enough to slip on and off and comfy to wear for an entire day. And lastly, the quality of the shoe for the price you pay is one of the reason’s why I am a big Nine West fan.

Here’s what I paired them with; James Jeans, BR tunic, vintage leopard print belt. The belly is all mine.

I can also envision them going great with a patterned fall dress and tights, or wide-leg trousers and a short cable-knit sweater.  I’d love to know how you would wear them, I’m open to suggestions!

Until next time,

Live. Laugh. Love.



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