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No Doubt A “boot” It

When I was little, I basically rocked two styles of boots. My LL Bean duck boots were for chores around the house and barn. They weren’t fashionable but they were a staple of rural life in Maine. My dress up boots were riding boots (there’s hope you think! but wait) – they were actual riding boots I competed in for horse shows.

Fast forward. This winter I’m all about the wedge boot; I think it’s the perfect answer to being pregnant and only 5’3″ tall. I’m also a big fan of the black leather slouchy boot (My go-to is Nine West Modelenia’s).

One of the only few perks to winter, as fas as I’m concerned, is BOOT SEASON! Boots are probably my favorite form of footwear; they can be sturdy, sexy, skyhigh and even thigh-high.

I love the contrast a boot can bring to an outfit; suede black ankle booties with a cute cocktail dress, hot pink stilletto boots with jeans and a leather jacket, slouchy boots with leggings and a romantic tunic.

Here’s a few of my favorite boot styles and looks, enjoy.

P.S. No, I’m not Canadian, if you were wondering from my title.


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