About Me

Who am I and why sweatpants or heels? My name is Jamila Lasante and I am a marketing professional with a fashion obsession, and maybe someday I’ll combine the two. Carrie Bradshaw started somewhere right?

As an only-child, I have (what I believe to be an important) opinion on everything, and this blog is about me sounding off about all things fashion-related. So what makes me different from all the other fashion-hungry thirty-somethings out there? Well, for one, I live in New Hampshire. That gives you quite an image, does it not? So, I’m not trying to pretend I am Christian Louboutin this and Chanel that.  There’s some of that, true, along with what I am in love with on The Outnet, who wore what to an Awards show, what happened on the latest Revenge episode and even a little LL Bean. There’s also my thoughts on how being a mom changed my fashion, proper Patriots/Red Sox/Celtics game-day attire and what shoes are cute and safe for walking on New England’s infamous cobblestones after some cocktails. Most importantly, this blog should give you many, many other ideas for fashion rather than trying to combine sweatpants and heels. One more time; never, never, wear sweatpants and heels.

Check out my Pinterest board to see what I dream about or follow me on Twitter for my latest musings.


You can contact me at; sweatsorheels@gmail.com


4 responses to “About Me

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  2. Prisilla Perales

    Love the real world blogging. Great meeting you on Superbowl Sunday. Keep up the good work.

  3. New Hampshire needs a fashionista who can help us walk over cobblestones without breaking our ankles, and who cares enough to make sure our New England sports team attire isn’t way off the mark. Thanks for putting some action behind your passion, Jamila! Happy blogging!

  4. Hi, I found your blog and loved reading bits of it, particularly Love & The City. I hope that you have found Puttin’ on the Glitz in Portsmouth on your travels. If not, come on it, say hello, and let us know who you are. It would be a pleasure to meet.

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