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The word of the day is J-O-B

When I started writing this post it was Monday and for the first time in nearly two years, I didn’t feel like I had a case of “the Mundays”. I gave  notice at my job on that Monday and I instantly felt like the weight of the world had been lifted. I have accepted a new job at a hip creative agency which will, of course, require a new wardrobe. Life is good.

My recent experience got me thinking about how much our jobs impact our daily lives. I think our jobs, like our clothes, are just another avenue for self-expression. We use them to make a statement to the world. What we do for work often illustrates the kind of person we are; team-player, entrepreneur, people person. Some people need corporate structure, others couldn’t sit in office for any amount of money in the world. Some people spend more time at the office with co-workers than at home with families and friends. Others prefer to not work at all.

Searching for a new job?

So, for those considering a new job or career leap, let me share this with you; it is important to not only know yourself as a person, but to know yourself as an employee. Know your strengths and your weaknesses. I can juggle many things at once, but sometimes I need to slow down. What kind of office culture makes you happy? Case in point, I had a cushy job working for home for three years and became restless to socialize with anyone besides my dog and mailman. I also like smaller companies where I can be noticed and become an integral part of the decision-making process.

Take the time to evaluate what your priorities are and just like with fashion, know what fits you best so that you remain happy in your career. In this last job search, I knew exactly what was important to me (culture and opportunity); I took the time to research companies that I wanted to work at, and I sent only thosecompanies my resume – whether they were hiring or not. My advice is to chase after your perfect job and don’t settle.  Good luck out there!


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