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Reason to Shop #1,523,675: Need Maternity Clothes!

My outfit for today. White summer dress with wedges.I’ll take being pregnant as Reason to Shop #1,532,675 and run with it! Actually more like fast walk with it, that’s approved by my doctor. I’m no expert, but I’ve put together some shopping recommendations and tips for any other expectant moms out there.

Since outgrowing my regular clothes, I’ve found that my style has gravitated towards the bohemian side of the spectrum – everything is so girly and flowy! So for my summer purchases, I stocked up on dresses and a few pairs of maternity shorts. As far as tops go, bring on the flowy, billowy, blousy and stretchy tanks and tunics!

Bless the cyclical nature of fashion and the fact that we recently had a revival of the 80’s leggings era. Nowadays leggings are considered a staple and you can find them anywhere. Since being pregnant, I have bought a size up in some styles, but maternity leggings definitely know how to give you comfort. In regards to jeans, I’m grateful the tight-roll didn’t make its come-back, and skinnies were born instead. I like the way the skinny leg balances out my “larger top half”.

For fall I’ve been dreaming about riding boots -well OK, I already bought two pair- and of course, the DKNY cozy. I can’t think of anything better to snuggle in with my little one.

My first fall purchase: a new DKNY cozy.

It’s only been a short time since I’ve been pregnant and uncomfortable in my usual clothes, but I take fashion seriously, so, in all seriousness, here’s a few things I’ve learned;

1) Not everything needs to be maternity. Pants certainly do, but leggings I just bought up a size. Tops come in all sorts of flowy and loose styles nowadays.

2) Beware of baggy butt sydrome.  I have a bubble butt and have never had this problem, but maternity clothes seem to come with extra fabric above the waist in the back that causes it.

3) Sometimes it IS worth it to spend a little extra to get a good fit and feel like your old self. I particularly emphasize this with designer jeans. Please reference Lesson #2.

4) When you are shopping keep in mind your post-baby fashion. Some things you should just go cheap- everyone seems to recommend Old Navy and the Gap for that kind of stuff. But for other pieces of clothing, like jeans and loose-fitting tops, you may wear your maternity clothes longer than you think. Invest in a few good pieces, whether they are casual or dressy. Flowy dresses, elastic gaucho or linen pants, leggings- these can all still be worn when you go back down some sizes.

5) Here’s the list I’ve bookmarked to shop for maternity clothes:

ASOS  Destination Maternity  Due Maternity  Forever 21 Gap Isabella Oliver  Mommy Chic Maternity  Old Navy  Piperlime  TopShop  Zulily


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