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Real fans don’t wear pink

As a huge Boston sports fan all my life I’ve been to my share of Patriots, Sox, Celtics and Bruins games. As a life-long fashionista, I have figured out that to be respected as a true fan (and not a rookie) you want to dress the part. And to quote Biggie Smalls “There are rules to this sh*t, I wrote me a manual”…..you get the idea.

Right now, the Celtics are in the playoffs. [Sidenote: I wrote this last year, 2010. Celtics are about to be in the playoffs again this year, 2011, holla!] Here’s my typical game day outfit and lead in to Rule 1) Wear something that shows what team you are rooting for. I like to rock a comfy but cute tee, tight jeans and wedges (Trust me on this one, see Rule 4).

The Rules:

 1) Wear something that shows what team you are rooting for.  This seems obvious but you’d be surprised. Wear the right something for the right sport; wearing a Patriots jersey to a Bruins game doesn’t count.

2) Wear something that is current. If you want r-e-s-p-e-c-t as a fan, you can not wear, for example, a Manny Ramirez shirt to a Sox game anymore. There’s a reason why those shirts hit the clearance rack- and it’s not bc sales always find you – it’s because that player is no longer with your team and left on bad terms!  Rule exception: Throwback attire with a player name who retired gracefully with the team IS cool. In fact you get extra points for seemingly having been a fan for that long. I still wear my Tedy Bruschi jersey from time to time.

3) When wearing playoff game shirts, make sure your team won that playoff game. When we went to pick up my girlfriend to head to a Pat’s game, she proudly showed me how she had managed to find a Patriots vs. Giants Superbowl tee. The Pats lost that Superbowl game. That tee should have been burned.

4) Consider stability. Instability and drinking grow exponentially in any arena. Sure, you may stumble in a bar, grab a cute guy’s arm and laugh it off, but at a game, hundreds of people are angled to watch you. Even better- you could be caught on camera. Stiletto heels on beer soaked floors and bleachers are dangerous for you and others. Opt for cute flats, sneakers or wedges if you want some lift. Don’t even try a skirt. And wear bottoms that fit. Whale tails went out with the 90’s. 

5) Know rival history. If you are headed to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Yankee Stadium, I would consider “dressing safely” (see Rule 4).

6) Avoid cutesy pink apparel. (See Rule 2).

Don’t forget you can always accessorize!

Fergie gets the sports outfit and manages to still look Fergalicious. Now she just needs to pick the right team! 😉

Singer Fergie attends Game Three of the 2008 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics on June 10, 2008 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.


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