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“I Have Nothing To Wear”: What To Do When Your Wardrobe Sucks

All those clothes and nothing to wear!

We all have those days- as hard as you stare at your closet, you are left uninspired and annoyed- your wardrobe sucks. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or money to go shopping, so here’s a few simple solutions to save the day- or night;     

1) Grab your nearest InStyle, Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, People, heck even US Weekly (Celebrities- they’re just like us!) magazine for guidance.     


2) This is a new suggestion I got from Megan Pautz on Twitter (@meganpfautz): Put on the Jersey Shore while you get dressed. Happily know that whatever outfit you choose will never be that bad.

3) Go for a simple white tee-shirt. Tuck it into a tight black mini skirt and rock stilettos and bangles, or go casual in cargo skinnies, a fedora hat and boots. Lightweight pocket tees are popping up everywhere and by every designer. Stock up. Here’s a very affordable and my favorite tee at the moment.    

Banana Republic Luxe white tee

 4) Wear a wild pair of shoes. We all have a few pair in our closet and most of us save them for the perfect occasion. Sometimes, the perfect occasion is no occasion at all. Try strappy stilettos with a worn pair of jeans and a blazer. Instant pizzaz. I love bright red pumps.     

Valentino Red Platform Pumps

5) Wear a big or bright accessory. Try colorful chandelier earrings, an eye-catching cocktail ring or animal print scarf. You get the idea. Pair it with something you normally wear and a bold accessory will give your outfit a very different feel. I am a huge fan of what I call “She-Ra” bracelets- solid chunky cuffs that I conquer the world in. Check out this black leather cuff with gold by Tory Burch. Love it.      

Tory Burch Leather Pyramid Cuff

6) Drink a glass of wine and put on some dance music. This always changes my perspective. Note to self though- watch the wine-to-outfit-trying ratio. A glass can lead you to be more bold. A bottle can lead you to look like a slut.     

7) Animal prints or leather. Bring out your inner wild. Always have a few key pieces in your close for just these type of nights.   

Tolani Leopard Print Scarf - as seen on Kim Kardashian

8 Take a staple and add a twist. Pair a ruffle dress with a leather moto jacket. Tuck a work button down into your tightest ripped good-butt jeans. (Just please don’t pair sweatpants and heels!)       

9) Make your coat part of your outfit. Coats to me are what animal prints are to Roberto Cavalli. They can switch up the attitude of an outfit, they can add a pop of color, and more importantly they can hide a full stomach.      

The Swing Coat: Jennifer Lopez's attention-getting feather-trimmed swing coat adds to, rather than covers, the underlying outfit—skinny leggings and sky-high platforms prevent the ensemble from looking too voluminous. -InStyle.com

10) Raid a girlfriend’s closet. Don’t even call her- just head on over- it’s an emergency and she will understand. On a side note here, return what you borrow clean and in the same or better condition as when you borrowed it. If you don’t, cash should help her forgive you.      

11) Call your best guy friend to go out. We all have one- that one guy friend that instantly boosts your self-confidence because he either doesn’t care what you wear, thinks you are fabulous regardless or is gay. See Solution #12.      

12) Call your best gay friend. They always have an opinion.      

13) Make it a girl’s night in. Host a sweatpants party. Chances are someone else is PMSing and will happily partake. Add wine, popcorn, chick flicks, and/or cheesy trivia games.  


Do you have more suggestions? Leave me a comment or email me and I’ll add your suggestions to my list! 



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