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Can you look effortlessly chic without a lot of effort?

I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to be fashionable and low maintenance.  You know when you spot someone who just looks so fabulously put together, but in a very cool and casual way like they just threw something on? How do they do it- and more importantly, how long did it take them do it?

Is fashion a full-time job? I tend to think yes, but then you have people like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller who always look effortlessly chic. I wonder if boyfriends consider them low maintenance? Do you think they end up with piles of clothes on their bed because they couldn’t decide on the right outfit only to put back on the first thing they tried? Somehow I just don’t see that happening. Do their date’s start a new movie on the couch in anticipation of their uber-long getting ready ritual? Probably not.

I think we all have a few staples that we can throw on at any time to look and feel fantastic. If you’ve read my posts you’ll know what I think about the simplicity and sex appeal of a plain white tee with some jeans and heels; easy, timeless, and with the right attitude, chic.

And there is my answer. Chic is in the attitude. You can be fashionable and low maintenance because the key to looking effortlessly chic is confidence. People who go with what they know looks good on them emit an aura of confidence and probably some peace of mind too, because they didn’t have to start getting ready at 4pm for 9pm dinner reservations.

So my advice is to shop for personal staples, things that just always look good on you. Sometimes big, bold jewelry adds a level of sophistication, and so can a cool hat, like a fedora. I stock up on sexy tees, halter-tops for my broad shoulders, jersey maxi and wrap dresses for my curves, and of course good butt jeans. That’s how I aim for effortless chic – I wear confidence. 🙂



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