My New Dunks

I admit my interest was peaked with the introduction of wedge sneakers into the fashion world. As a mom, they seemed like the perfect solution to chasing after a fifteen-month old. Comfortable height. Grip. Hipness.

One Saturday afternoon I decided I would go try some on. Lanky model I am not, so I really wondered if shorter curvy types could actually pull this trend off. The answer was a solid no with the first pairs I tried on. They were just too puffy and ugly. I walked away, defeated, thinking the perfect mom shoe would ellude me.

Spending my “cigarette break” (that’s what we call our 10 minutes of mindless online shopping at work) perusing Bloomingdales last week, I stumbled across Nike Dunks and instantly fell in love all over again. They just seem so much sleeker (And cooler! Hello, old school looking Nike high tops??) than other wedge sneakers out there. They, in fact, don’t even look like they have a wedge built in (it’s hidden!).

The rest, as they say is history. I ordered a pair in all black and anxiously await my delivery from!


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