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Be comfy, warm and happy in LL Bean

 I was born and raised in Maine, on a farm (pronouned faahm), and with that upbringing came everything LL Bean. Don’t laugh, it’s truly a way of life. I embraced the LL Bean brand; it was actually very practical.

I had so many canvas bags with my initials on them I couldn’t count them all on two hands. Duck boots, check. Flannel shirts, check. Flannel sheets, check. (The only thing I refused to do was those awful wool clogs.) The whole grunge phase actually coincided with my teenage years and LL Bean came through for me once again.

After college I ended up settling outside Portsmouth, NH, a trendy, cultural and affluent little seacoast town. Even though it’s only one state over, LL Bean lost its appeal for me. It suddenly seemed very uncool – like you only wore it if you were a hick from Maine – which I was, but desperate to appear as anything but. I shunned the brand for the next ten years.

Recently, it feels like the LL Bean brand is back. Maybe it’s my new mom status and the overwhelming desire to be comfortable all the time. Plus cozy is having it’s moment in fashion – it’s the new weekend uniform. And I think the brand has refreshed itself. In any case, I have accepted LL Bean back in my life with open arms like an old BFF I hadn’t talked to in years.

I asked my sister for their fleece-lined flannel button down for Christmas, and she literally laughed at me and said; “Since when did you become the LL Bean flannel shirt girl?” “Since, like, always.” Eyeroll.In my About section of this blog I remind people that I am practical about where I live- you can’t only be Louboutin this and Chanel that in NH. LL Bean is a brand I recommend you check out no matter where you live. You’ll never be more comfy, warm or happy to take those Louboutins heels or tweed Chanel jackets off for a few minutes. 🙂

Here’s a few other things I love from LL Bean.


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Break Out Bold

Yellow is my favorite color. I actually think it should be THE power color, because it just infuses happiness into anyone wearing it or around it. How can you not have the best night ever in this killer ensemble? Break Out Bold

Emilio pucci shoes

Chanel earrings

Faux eyelash


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Be Classic. Be Chanel.

Coco Chanel would love this set. Bringing a contemporary twist to simple and fabulous with a collar necklace and houndstooth coat. Classic.Be Classic. Be Chanel.

Chanel shirt
$660 – farfetch.com

James Lakeland cream coat
$400 – johnlewis.com

Chanel highwaisted pants
$440 – farfetch.com

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