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Kate Spade Has A Sense Of Humor

Apparently Kate Spade – a brand known for it’s trendy twists on classic style- has a sense of humor! Lately, I’ve been seeing some of the line’s accessories that are silly and fun. These examples just make me smile – and want to be friends with anyone who wears them.


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It’s The Little Things

Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford the luxe designers we all love to drool over. But, what every savvy fashionista should know is that there are subtle ways to show the world that you do have expensive taste- without blowing your budget.

Shopping boutique consignment stores is one way to go. Some of my best finds include Kate Spade leopard flats, a DKNY black satin trench coat¬†and a Burberry wool scarf. Another line of thinking though is accessories, accessories, accessories. And what’s cooler than being a fashionable techie, right? Check out these cool iPhone cases in some of my favorite designers.

Shop the Marc Jacobs iPhone case.

Shop the Tory Burch British Khaki Snake iPhone case. Shop the Tory Burch Poppies iPhone case.

Shop the Kate Spade iPhone case.

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