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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: My Experience Being Pregnant

Baby Layla sonogram, 20 weeks!

Being pregnant is truly something I will never take for granted. It’s an amazing phenomenon that is so natural and alien at the same time it’s hard to accurately give the feeling poetic justice.

Being pregnant changes the way you think and the way you view the world. I saw a definite gap in the fashion industry as far as maternity clothes goes. I have a new found respect for my own mom, and why moms do the things they do. I’ve had countless laughs with my husband over my ever-changing body shape. I’ve learned to embrace my waddle, and even sneak looks at magazines that report on things like baking cookies and gardening.

All in all, pregnancy is a chapter of my life I’ve really enjoyed. You have to look at it with a sense of humor, appreciation and awe. With the new year and my impending delivery right around the corner, here’s a few thoughts I put together as I reflect back on my last 36 weeks…

The good, the bad and the ugly: what I’ve learned about being pregnant:

Con: No alcohol. And no mocktails aren’t just as fun.

Pro: I have created life!

Con: Clothes and shoes don’t fit. Goodbye favorite jeans and sky-high stilettos. Hello sweatpants and flats.

Pro: People randomly being nice to you while staring at your baby bump. Be careful for the ones who want to touch your belly.

Con: Uncomfortableness. This is in direct proportion to your growing size.

Con: A pregnancy spanning four seasons is pricey. I’ve had to buy everything from a new bathing suit to a winter coat.

Pro: Watching the nurturing side of my 6’5″ husband surface. He has such a big heart. He keeps asking me “When do I get to meet her?”

My husband wearing the “empathy belly”

Pro: Watching my husband tackle rennovations to the nursery as a labor of love. He fixed walls, painted, added custom crown molding, built bookshelves and put in a closet door!

Con: I miss my Saturday liquid lunches and Sunday Fun Days.

Con: Fatigue and back pain.

Pro: Maternity leave!

Con: Coming back from maternity leave and sorting through everything I missed.

Winnie-the-Pooh cuteness!

Pro: Baby clothes shopping! Everything is so tiny and cute. Two of the first things I bought; a tutu and an Adidas track suit. I hope she has a great style range.

Pro: Seeing tons of tiny onesies hanging on a drying rack is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Pro: One couple, one registry, one gun, GO!

Con: No alcohol. Did I already mention that? One glass of red doesn’t cut it sometimes.

Pro: Planning the nursery. Includes all the things I love; design, colors and shopping!

Pro: Great excuse to sleep in as much as possible!

Pro: Catching my husband randomly go stand in the doorway of Layla’s room to just soak it all in.

Con: Weight gain.

Pro: Layla’s constant movement in my belly. It’s such a cool feeling!

Pro: Planning on running a race in June as part of my challenge to get back in shape.

Pro: Still going to the gym while pregnant has gotten me many compliments. Strangers have come up to me to tell me I inspire them. It’s a great feeling- and I thank them- because it inspires me right back.

Pro: My husband tells me to just rest and put my feet up. He is extra helpful around the house and I love him for it.

Con: Reading and learning about a lot of weird and gross things my body is going to do during delivery.

Pro: Rediscovering some of the baby and children’s books that I used to love; Dr. Suess, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, Goodnight moon, Superfudge, Madeline and so many more!


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