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The Best Fitting Jeans I’ve Ever Owned

This is a story about an age old problem. Finding the perfect jeans.¬†Why is it so friggin hard to find the perfect fit? There’s always one outstanding problem with any pair I buy. (Maybe it’s my body shape but I’d prefer to blame the jean companies.)

I now work at a casual office and so I’m literally in jeans every day. Expanding my wardrobe required jean research. The pair I grab each morning depends on my mood, but there are features that they all have in common. I need a medium waist that doesn’t give me muffin top. I need some elasticity to stretch over my big butt. I want traditional pockets placed where they are supposed to be without ridiculous rhinestones. My biggest pet peeve is saggy butt or having to pull them up every 5 minutes.

A lot of jeans have come onto the scene and I’ve tried them all. Going back to my jean research, I realized that a high spandex elasticity helps a curvy figure. So when I came across 7 for All Mankind’s Slim Illusion I freaked out. We’re talking 90% cotton, 6% nylon, 4% spandex. According to their own description, this particular line;

“Features a unique denim with tight construction and intense stretch that will suck you in and slim you down. Intense stretch creates sexy slim silhouette. Exclusive technology provides total shape recovery. Makes you feel at least one size smaller. Tighter construction creates perfect fit.”


Now they are a little pricey, but…well there’s no but, I can justify any clothing purchase. I bought a skinny pair first and loved them so much that I decided to splurge (Piperlime had a secret 40% off sale) on the bootcut as well. These are literally the perfect jeans. If you are curvy and like body shaping jeans, you’ve got to check these out. 7 For All Mankind Slim Illusion

Happy shopping!


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